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What is Airmid?

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Airmid is a new patient-facing mobile app that integrates with the SystmOnline clinical system. The app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

The app has many great functionalities which will give patients the ability to have a greater level of control over their own healthcare.

Airmid's Functionalities Include:

Airmid's Functionalities include:

Record Access - Patients will be able to access their complete medical record, including:

  1. Consultation notes
  2. Medication history
  3. Vaccination history
  4. Allergy/drug sensitivity
  5. Procedure history
  6. Correspondence e.g. referral/discharge letters
  7. Pathology/radiology results
  8. Health data from a personal device

Online Appointments - Patients will be able to book and manage appointments via the Airmid app (depending on service)

  1. View all upcoming appointments
  2. Add appointment reminders to personal calendars
  3. Airmid also allows for patients to access their appointments virtually, so they can be consulted through the app

Direct Messaging - Airmid allows for patients to send messages directly to their clinicians (depending on service)

  1. Send direct messages to specified clinicians or teams
  2. Patients can upload images as part of the conversation
  3. All consultations & images are saved securely against the SystmOne patient record
  4. The app can allow clinicians to start a video consultation with patients directly from the conversation

Proxy Access - Airmid can allow family members or carers to have access to patient information.

Notifications - A key feature that Airmid offers is sending information and questionnaires related to patient care digitally, directly through the app. These can be viewed or completed via the app and saved directly within a patients record and reviewed by clinicians.

Provide Services Using Airmid

Patient Record Access
Online Booking and Appointment Management
Video Consultation Appointments
Direct messaging to Clinicians
Proxy Access
Uploading of Patient data (Chart Numerical Data)
Sending out questionnaires to patients (Triaging - Clinical reviews - Clinical Outcomes
Medication Management
Carpal Tunnel
Minor Operations
Tissue visability
Physiotherapy Outpatients

How to Register?

To register for Airmid you will need to register with NHS Login. The username and password that you create with the NHS Login can be used to access a range of digital health and care services that use the NHS login button, such as Airmid and also the NHS app.


Download Airmid from either your Android or iOS App store to your smartphone


Once on the app you will be able to either login via your SystmOne Online profile or via your NHS Login details


Already registered with SystmOne Online?

Use your username and password to login to the Airmid App

Don’t have a SystmOne Online account?

Access Airmid by creating a NHS login account by clicking on Continue with NHS login button


This will direct you to the NHS login landing page


Input your email address and create a password


Provide proof of identification by taking a photo of your passport, driving license (full or provisional) European driving license or European National Identity Card


The landing page will give you clear instructions on how to take and upload a photo of your ID


The landing page will then use your smartphone to verify your identity by taking a photo of yourself


The landing page will then use your smartphone to verify your identity by taking a photo of yourself


Once completed your information will be verified and you will receive a notification once this has been completed


You will then be asked to input your personal details to match you to your NHS record

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Once verified you will be able to access and start using Airmid using your NHS login details

Download Registration Guide

Video Consultation Advice

Video consultations allow you to have an appointment with a clinician over video call, rather than travelling to the healthcare setting. These appointments have most of the benefits of face-to-face appointments with the added convenience of eliminating the need to travel to and from your care setting. Follow these simple guidelines to get the most out of your video consultation.

Download your patient user guide

Click on the link to download your patient user guide

Further Information

Please click on the below links to view helpful videos on Airmid:

Downloading Airmid

Airmid NHS Login

Airmid Functionality Overview

Airmid Booking and Managing Appointments

Airmid Entering and viewing your health data

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