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We are constantly striving to improve our services and are committed to actively seeking and responding to the views of our service users.

To do this we need to know what we are doing well and how we can improve. 

We can receive your feedback in a number of ways including The Friends & Family Test (FFT), Customer Surveys and Customer Engagement events. 

Listening gives us the opportunity to understand what we already do well so that we can keep doing it.  It also gives us the chance to learn from customers and improve what we do.

Friends & Family Test

The Friends & Family Test (FFT) is a patient based survey using the question ‘How likely is it that you would recommend this service to friends or family?’. 

There is a choice of 5 answers from ‘Extremely Likely’ through to ‘Extremely Unlikely’.  The proportion of positive responses minus the proportion of negative responses gives the score.  Responses of ‘Likely’ do not count as positive as they imply that the patient didn’t have the ‘best’ experience.  Patients can also answer the question with ‘Don’t Know’ but this will count as a negative response.”


Your feedback can be given in a number of ways:

On-line via our web site. 

By using the QR code on our FFT posters, to open the test on your SMART phone.

By completing a FFT feedback card at the location where you receive your care.


To see some of the changes we have made as a result of your feedback please view the You Said... We Did tab above.  


An Overview


We are constantly striving to improve our services and whilst the introduction of the Friends & Family Test  has given our service users the opportunity to give their feedback in a way that is time responsive, periodically we will undertake patient surveys to obtain more in-depth feedback about the services we deliver.

If a survey is being undertaken at the time you are attending one of our services we hope that you will be able to take a few moments to give your feedback.

We value your views  and hope you will take the opportunity to complete either the Friends & Family Test or a survey if it is being undertaken so that we can understand what we do well and also learn from our service users to improve what we do.


Please view the 'What do patients say' tab for the following services to view their most recent survey feedback from 2016.


Wheelchair Service Mid Essex

Wheelchair Service Cambridge and Peterborough

Wheelchair Service Redbridge

Wheelchair Service Waltham Forest

ARU - Assessment Rehabillitation Unit

Children’s Community Nursing           

Community Paediatrician Service    

Children’s Occupational Therapy      

Community Diabetes                            




Tissue Viability

Customer Engagement Events

An Overview

We are committed to actively seeking and responding to the views of our patients. Listening gives us the opportunity to understand what we already do well so that we can keep doing it.

It also gives us the chance to learn from service users and improve what we do and we will be running at least one event every year.


About the Events

We invite the following groups of people:

  • Patients (and carers/family members as appropriate) who have recent experience of a particular care pathway.
  • Clinical staff involved in care delivery across the pathway from our own organisation and from other organisations.
  • Voluntary sector representatives (as appropriate)
  • Senior management to enable them to hear service users views first hand. 

The events are interactive and focus on the experience of service users.

We have held Customer Care Engagement Events for the following services:

The Stroke Care Pathway - View Feedback

Leg Ulcer Care service     - View Feedback                   

School Nursing                - View Feedback                  

Advanced Palliative Care  - View Feedback                  



Our next Customer Engagement events will be focused on our Wheelchair Service begining early 2017. Dates to be confirmed.

If you are interested in taking part please contact

You Said... We Did

Continence Service, St Peters Hospital

You Said... You have difficulties finding the service

                                            We did... We changed the information on the appointment letter, giving specific directions.



Spinks Lane Therapy Clinic

You Said... Location of the toilets was not clear.

                                     We Did... Signage was placed in the waiting room.



You Said... You would like a hot drink at the clinic. 

                                    We Did... Hot drinks machine has been installed in the waiting room for service users.



Steeple Bumpstead Surgery

You Said

There is too little information for new patients registering at the surgery

                                    We Did... We have introduced a comprehensive patient leaflet now available online and in pamphlet form.



You Said

The signage at the surgey required improvement. 

                                    We Did... We have updated and improved the signage.



Braintree Community Hospital - Courtauld Ward

You Said... Could the food be more interesting?

                                      We Did... We have liaised with the ward hostesses and the ward staff to offer more choices. 


You Said... Could Wifi be made available to all patients?

                                       We Did... We are in the process of communicating with IT to see if this is possible. 


You Said... You found everything excellent in every way

                                     We Did... We passed your comments to our staff.


You Said... "We would like a newspaper and refreshment trolley on the wards"

                                     We Did... We now deliver a trolley service Mon-Fri